It’s good to do good things. Just this week it was reported that the 2013 London Marathon raised more than £53million, making it the single biggest fundraising one-day event, not just in Britain, but on the planet. That’s pretty good going isn’t it?
But it just shows what can happen when a lot of people get together to do something.
And just as many feet pounding the streets of London can have a profound effect, so can many voices shouting the same thing. Social media has made this even easier, to an extent, but if you want to coordinate a mass message, where do you even begin?
Well, is a good option. Here you can list your cause and when enough people support it, a concerted social media assault goes out to spread your message. Literally, a social networking thunderclap.
This is great way for us little people to make a big noise and it’s well worth considering if you have something about which you want to raise awareness.