Denon has announced the new DHT-T100 TV Speaker Base that should turn your thin TV into an audio marvel while maintaining minimalist design.

Crammed into the box that sits under your screen are two 5-inch oval drivers, dual half-inch tweeters and two bass reflex ports. This, with the wide down-firing space, means you can achieve a well balanced sound. And thanks to Dolby Digital Decoding and Virtual Surround Sound a home cinema effect can be achieved with the ease of slipping this under your TV.

But the Denon DHT-T100 isn't all about power. It also comes with five sound settings including a Night Mode that intelligently delivers audio clearly but without jumps in noise to avoid waking anybody sleeping in the house.

And if you want to play your mobile phone or tablet over a speaker system the Denon's aptX Bluetooth with A2DP smarts will make short work of streaming at high quality.

The box itself can handle a weight of 27kg so should support up to 50-inch televisions.

So if you want an easy install and attractive TV mount that enhances your audio experience you can pick up the Denon DHT-T100 for £250 later this month.

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