There’s something refreshingly honest about It’s a new online dating site that’s grabbing a fair few column inches with its unique selling point: it only wants interesting people.

And not just ordinary interesting, like “I read in interesting piece in the Sunday paper about kite surfing across the Gobi desert...” No. They want the “I actually went kite surfing across the Gobi desert...” type of people.

So, no dullards. That’s quite honest, and is a direct response to the kind of profile embellishment that’s been rife in the world of dating since the first personal ads were printed.

Here, you have to fill out a quick questionnaire, and they’ll rate your quirkiness. Score highly enough and you’ll be let in. This kind of pre-screening, might seem elitist, but they want to make sure that the people they’re matching up have something interesting to say when they meet. It’s logical, really.

And if you don’t pass muster, it’s probably time to think about taking up some new pastimes.