It’s quite easy to bash the banks. Let’s face it, everything that’s wrong in the world is the fault of the banks, isn’t it? They’re faceless, greedy, corrupt, heartless monsters who think nothing of crushing the dreams of millions under their handmade, unicorn-skin hobnail boots (‘cos that’s what they wear, with all those million-pound bonus payments, right?).

Well, that’s not all strictly true (the lawyers have told me to say that), but depending on who you talk to, is also not that far off the mark.

The banks that we all trust our finances with are, at best, a secretive bunch. They do what they have to do to maximise profits for their shareholders, and that often strays very close to what some people might consider ethically dubious.

But they’re not all like that. There are some good banks out there, and particularly now that UK customers can switch account providers much more easily, it might be time to consider a move.

At you can find out what the big names have been up to with your cash and also consider who might be more deserving of your custom.

This is quite a robust approach, and they don’t pull any punches. But maybe that’s what consumers need now – straightforward, no-nonsense, factual advice to help them make better decisions.