Music sites are ten a penny. And they’re a bit like music festivals really. There are the big, glossy, corporate ones, full of sponsored coverage, D-list "celebs" and franchised merchandise. Then there are the slightly more down-to-earth, unspoilt ones. The ones that still connect with real music fans and offer exposure to new artists and new venues. is one such site, and it’s fast carving out a nice little reputation for itself.

Full of unpretentious music news, latest releases, MP3 downloads and free video content, it’s got its finger firmly on the music pulse.

It’s also a great place to come for the various blogs it hosts, with tastes and opinions covering the full spectrum of modern musical output. These are written by real music fans and tell it like it is. That’s something that the music media used to pride itself on, but in recent years has become less and less common.

We like the mentality and the music taste of this site, and we’ll be watching, and listening, with interest.