The Nokia Sirius tablet has made another appearance online, but not in corporeal form this time, rather on a spec sheet.

The rumoured 10.1-inch tablet, that's been a long while coming, has appeared on a Bluetooth certification code named RM-114. So what can we expect?

From the ARM-based CPU and Qualcomm Adreno 330 GPU we can surmise it'll be sporting a Snapdragon 800 processor at its heart. And based on previous rumours of a 10.1-inch screen that 1371 x 771 resolution will deliver a meagre 156ppi. Even at 7-inches that screen would only offer 225ppi. Here's hoping that's not the final screen or Nokia may be in trouble from the start of its tablet outing.

Further rumoured specs include brightness that's ideal for the outdoors, 10 hours of battery life, LTE, 32GB of storage, a micro HDMI connector and a micro USB port. We'd also expect the Lumia name to lead the way, especially as Microsoft should be using that name once the Nokia name is removed following its recent buyout.

With the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone tipped to be announced on 26 September, we'd hope the Sirius tablet follows shortly after.

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