When you’re choosing somewhere to go for a nice meal, there are many things that will affect your decision-making process.

The type of food, the price, the location - all these are factored in. But the one that will end up sealing the deal in most cases is a recommendation. Yes, you can read the glossy magazines or the newspapers to see what the critics think, but we reckon it’s better to follow the advice of regular people. The ones who have forked out their own money for the food tend to give a more honest review- in our experience, anyway.

At zomato.com you can follow the recommendations of millions of fellow foodies who have listed their favourite haunts, be they restaurants, cafes, delis or even just good places to get a drink.

There are nearly 120,000 listings in seven countries and that’s a database that’s growing all the time. They have apps to make finding the perfect meal on the move really easy too.

View the menus, see photos of the venues and download maps to get you their on time too.

A new essential for anybody serious about good food.