Top 10 Viners to follow - and instantly become addicted to Vine

Let's be real here: Vine is addicting. You open the mobile app, thinking you'll watch a few videos, and then suddenly it's two hours later. But what makes Twitter's 6-second video app so addictive? Viners.

The people on Vine are up-and-coming comedians, actors, musicians and sometimes that guy next door with a little too much time on his hands. Viners will prank people, dress in costumes, make fake personas, spawn memes, collaborate with other Viners and do just about anything to hit that Popular Now section on Vine.

Sometimes though, there's a few duds that make it to the top. At any given moment, you could open Vine and scroll through a tonne of Vines made by people simply trying too hard. If you want to skip past all the snooze-worthy Vines, check out the list below.

Pocket-lint has compiled a list of the top Viners - and even some honourable mentions. Watch the clips, turn up the sound and prepare to be sucked into the world of Vine. Warning: You'll likely want to look at your favourite Viners' entire back-catalogue of Vines. This will take hours. Happy Vining! 

1. Brittany Furlan: She's an actress-comedian extraordinaire. Some of her more popular Vines star the character Natalie Nature - or just Furlan terrorising complete strangers.

2. KC James: He's a regular 20-something guy from California. He does a hilarious impersonation of stereotypical Orange County moms...and T-Rex. 

3. Josh Darnit: Yes. He's that bearded dude on Vine, but his facial hair is nothing compared to his ridiculous family. He consistently posts Vines of his kids (scripted and unscripted), and, well, let's just say they're almost as sarcastic as him. Almost.

4. Eh Bee: He's another Vine dad. With an evil daughter named Gabi. 'Nuff said. 

5. Ry Doon: This Bostonian has no shame. He'll sing along with the homeless and sometimes look homeless himself. He also does a mean impersonation of Jay Z. 

6. Sunny Mabrey: She's an actress and the ex-wife of actor Ethan Embry (you might see him in her Vines, too). Her humour is often dry, but once you get familiar with her personality she'll quickly become a favourite.

7. Chris Delia: Speaking of dry humour, this comedian takes it to another level. His Vines regularly feature social commentary, and you'll be amazed at how utterly brazen he is. 

8. Nicholas Megalis: He's a singer-songwriter who often sings (suprise!) in his Vines. But they're not your standard love and break-up songs. This quirky dude can hum a tune to everything from gummy tacos to mailmen. 

9. Rudy Mancuso: He has many funny characters, like Speedo Simone, and they're all equally fantastic, though sometimes his best Vines occur when he's tormenting his poor mother. 

10. Jason Nash: He's another actor-comedian in LA. While he makes many great Vines himself, he's also known for collaborating with other Viners. And his Bruce Jenner wig.

And here's 11-20 (just consider these honourable mentions): Simon Rex, Will Sasso, Brendon Urie, Jordan Burt, Curtis Lepore, Marcus Johns, Jerome Jarre, Ethan Embry, Brandon Calvillo and Josh Peck