Leica C: the new digital compact camera packs Audi Design and power into your pocket

Leica may not have been heard announcing its new compact camera under the Apple announcement madness. But now the dust is settling the Leica C is sitting in the calm looking composed, classy and ready for its debut.

Leica C is the result of Audi Design being commissioned to develop the range, which comes in light gold and dark red. It has also developed a range of premium accessories to complement the camera. But what's under all that design?

A Leica DC Vario-Summicron 6-42.8mm f/2-5.9 lens with 7x optical zoom and large 12.1-megapixel sensor power the Leica C. That's the equivalent of 28-200mm in 35mm format, but in a slim shell that includes a 3-inch LCD viewfinder. Settings can be changed quickly using the programmable ring around the lens, coupled with a fast autofocus.

The Leica C will come packing Wi-Fi and NFC for smartphone and tablet connectivity thanks to a Lecia C Image Shuttle app, which lets you use your mobile as a viewfinder and remote. The camera can also manage full AVCHD video with Dolby Digital sound.

The Leica C will be on sale mid-September for £550. A range of accessories including a £30 C-Wrist Strap and £80 C-Case will also be available in the coming months.