This one has been bouncing around in social media circles for a while now, and we’d hoped we would be able to bring it to you with a certain swagger. We’d hoped to have told you about, safe in the knowledge that we’d identified all the products and slogans in these fiendish marketing-based games from the advertising people at CBS Outdoor.

In part one, all you have to do is look at the thumbnail images and name the products. Simple eh? Well, no, it’s not. The shots are just glimpses and some of them will have you shouting at your screen in disagreement.

And then catchlines from famous ad campaigns in part two will have you alternately scratching your head then kicking yourself as they elude and evade the best efforts of your grey matter.

But the mental meltdown is worth it if you persevere. You get some serious bragging rights if you nail all 150.