Sony recently announced a PS Vita price-drop, and now it has unveiled a new Vita that's 15 per cent lighter, 20 per cent thinner and adds an hour more battery life. All that and the Wi-Fi only version will be arriving (in Japan) on 10 October.

Another great touch that brings the new Vita up to date is a micro USB charger just like on your mobile. It'll also come with on-board storage of 1GB, ideal for game saves, screenshots and even movies. Which may not look as great on the new screen.

The OLED display has been changed to an LCD. This is presumably to make it smaller and save on building costs. It's surprising that Sony has still managed to save battery life despite this change.

The new PS Vita will be available in pink, white, black, blue, grey, lime green and yellow. There will also be three special editions: Gandam Breaker, God Eater and Otomate. And if you need more memory Sony is producing a 64GB Vita card for 10,479 yen (£67).

The new PS Vita doesn't yet have an international launch date but is going on sale in Japan on 10 October.