One of the team (yes, that would be me...) recently had a scare with a MacBook. A third-party iPhone cable found its way within arm’s reach when the iPhone needed a bit of juice.

Without thinking, I plugged it in and everything went quiet. Very, very quiet. The MacBook died. Not sleeping, not restarting, dead. No lights, no sounds, nothing.


The first thought that went thought my head was about backups - when was the last time I’d done one?

It’s easy to forget, even with the plethora of solutions available no matter you are: at home at work or in the cloud. Solutions like One of the simplest we’ve come across, it has three options: Backup, Briefcase or Pro, catering for  individuals. They also have a Business option for larger teams, and the costs for all of them are far from prohibitive.

What we really like though is just how easy it is to use and its more than generous limits. Download the free trial to see what we mean, and you’ll never have to worry about losing any of your data again.

Even if you do something daft, like I did.