If you’ve spent any amount of time online, you’ve almost certainly seen one of Mike’s cartoons. They crop up every now and again as email virals and in Facebook and Twitter timelines, as more and more people enjoy his brilliantly drawn creations that poke gentle fun at modern life and the cultural icons of our time.

His Star Wars and super hero strips are firm favourites with us, but everything he does carries the same irreverent sense of mischief and we find ourselves coming back to the source at seemikedraw.com.au regularly.

Many of his favourite cartoons are available as T-shirts, hoodies, greetings cards, iPad and iPhone cases as well as fine art canvas prints. Mike ships to most places and his prices won’t be out of reach for most people.

They make a great addition to anybody's life if they have a decent sense of humour, so another one worth bookmarking for Christmas shopping.