When we recommended Ikea Hackers a couple of weeks a go, we seemed to strike a chord with some readers. It seems that most people do indeed own a few pieces of Ikea’s finest flatpack furniture. And many like to tinker with their purchases to make them fit a bit better in their homes.

But somebody raised an interesting point: what do you do if you’ve lost the instructions and you can’t quite figure out how it all goes to together or comes apart? Some of it is very straightforward, but some pieces are 3D puzzles wrapped inside enigmas, with added allen bolts.

Thankfully, this relatively new assembly instructions page on Ikea’s US website is on hand with PDFs of a staggering array of products, both current and historic.

This is a useful bookmark if you have any of their stuff in your house, because you never know when you might need to undo those bolts and shimmy things around a bit.