iPad 5 gets a leaked parts video, alleges that the Retina display tablet will be much smaller

With Apple expected to announce two new iPhones during its 10 September press event, attention seems to have shifted to the next generation of iPads.

The iPad mini 2 - with a hotly tipped Retina display - has had plenty of speculation and column inches written about it for a while now, but the iPad 5 has remained more of a mystery. Therefore, the posting of a video of what is claimed to be the rear casing and front panel of the larger in Apple's tablet range is something of a rare thing. It's not necessarily kosher, but it does show off a feature or two that are intriguing.

If true, the online clip shows that the iPad 5 will have a distinctly smaller body shape than previous iterations. The 9.7-inch Retina display will be the same size, but the outer shell will have a dramatically smaller width.

This is attributed to the bezel being significantly thinner on the sides - much more like the iPad mini. In addition, it is claimed that the next iPad will be thinner - again, like the iPad mini.

It is currently being touted that once Apple has launched its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones it will turn its attention to a dedicated iPad announcement event, possibly in October.