It’s a long story, but we wanted a badger. Not a real one, obvs (health and safety stepped in - something to do with the risk of stray bullets) but one we could send to somebody as a little gift.

We asked around and we heard about Ace. He’s a rock badger, and is just one of the many brilliant creations you can find at, the website of one of London’s best and brightest young textile designer-makers.

We’re always on the lookout for gifts with a difference and Terri’s irreverent range of toys, characters and decorative bits and bobs really appealed to us. They’re all handmade in her studio in Deptford, southeast London, and her new baby range is something that we reckon could really make her name. There aren't too many people tackling the sticky subject of baby drool head-on, but Terri’s giving it a go.

We love this stuff.