Food. A necessity, a pleasure, an art form. It’s also a pain in the bum if you can’t get to eat what you want when you want.

We all like to treat ourselves and the people we care about by taking them to a nice restaurant once in a while. But these days, if you haven’t booked weeks, or even months in advance, you’re likely to go hungry, or go to your local takeaway. Spontaneity isn't really on the menu for many people, or at least it didn’t used to be. is a great idea and, although it covers only a handful of UK cities at the moment, we reckon it could be the shape of things to come when it comes to finding somewhere to eat.

Choose your city, your date and how many people are eating and it will show you where you can still get a table. And a bit like some of the last-minute holiday and hotel deals you can find online, it will often give you a massive discount on the meal too.

Bon appetite.