Online shopping has become the norm for many people, and some retailers are scaling back their physical presence to concentrate on their digital enterprises. And that means competition is starting to become more fierce too.

This is generally good news for consumers, though possibly not so good for your local high street. But for most, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and buying everything you need without leaving the house doesn't feel like an unusual thing to do any more.

Cashback sites have sprung up in recent years as part of this new competitive landscape, as retailers offer ever more generous incentives to get your online attention, and is a new one that we really like.

It pitches itself as a great way to save for children, and also a good way to start introducing them to the world of online commerce.

It’s a well-presented and simple idea and with it's range of brands and incentives, it's one that’s likely to appeal to lots of people, not just parents.