The point of a juicer isn't just to cram you full of healthy vitamins and minerals to make you feel and look better. It's to make you feel like the king of nature able to reduce mighty fruit to mere mush in minutes. We say mere mush – we mean nectar of the gods that will make you wonder how you ever lived without a juicer. Here are the best the internet has to offer. 


This top-loading (centrifugal) juicer (as shown above) has a big enough feeding tube (75mm) to let you chuck in whole fruits, produces two-litres of juice and is easy to clean.

After the 700w motor makes short work of whole apples and oranges, for example, Philips claims the QuickClean tech means your juicer will be clean in a minute. This is thanks to an electropolished sieve, all the pulp being collected in one place, and the parts being machine washable. And the mixing chamber is clear so you can watch the magic happen.


This centrifugal juicer, sponsored by Heston Blumenthal, gets 70 per cent of the vitamins and minerals from fruit, quickly.

The huge feeding tube lets you change an apple from solid to juice in just two seconds – the kind of speed you would expect from Sage, which invented the first whole-fruit juicer. The titanium reinforced Nutri Disc should stay sharp for longer, even when running at the powerful 1200w setting. The only downside is a one-litre capacity, but with a froth separator and three-litre pulp tray we're not complaining.


This is a masticating juicer. That means it takes longer to juice but produces less oxygen and heat so the nutritional value of your glassful is greater in the end.

The Omni Juicer is particularly good for those who want to juice a wider range of fruit and veg that centrifugal juicers can't handle. The L’Equip Omni exerts a crushing force on fruit and veg in three progressive stages to maximise nutrient extraction from deep within the fibres and cell membranes of the plant material you are processing. Ideal for things like wheatgrass and green leaf vegetables that you're not likely to eat without a juicer.


Aside from sounding like a killer robot, the Omega 900 is also special because of its treatment of pulp.

Rather than ship it off to another compartment like most juicers do, this keeps it in the centrifuge basket making sure to extract every drop of nutrient and flavour. It will take a bit longer but the end result will be a tastier, healthier juice.


For a low priced option this is a do-it-all gadget.

The Smoothie Maker comes with four different attachments for multiple functions including: smoothie maker, blender, grinder and centrifugal juicer. With a one-litre capacity and two speed settings it really offers a lot for the price.

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