We’ve featured aggregators before, those trawlers of the deepest darkest recesses of the internet that set out to unearth the real gems of digital content.

From photobombing archives through the newest memes to the latest celebrity gossip and online myths busted, seriouslyforreal.com does all of that.

But is also has some slightly more unexpected stuff. The architecture section surfaces some extraordinary images, like the the long lost City Hall subway station in New York and pictures from some of the most stunning abandoned and neglected places in the world. And it’s this last one that brought the site to our attention.

Shots of old missile factories and Soviet-era government buildings reveal sights not often seen in the West, and the scenes of the town or Pripyat, built for the families of the workers at Chernobyl, will look familiar to any fans of Call of Duty out there.

Just one of the highlights of this eclectic site.