It’s hard to believe that it was ... (deep breath) ... fourteen years ago that Flat Eric took the world by storm in his beaten up old car, nodding his head to Flat Beat in those  jeans adverts.

The looped track was infectious and dominated not only dance floors, but mainstream airplay for a big chunk of 1999.

The man behind it was the French electronic musician known as Mr Oizo, and at you can get to hear his latest work. But’s that not the only reason we’re here.

Take a look at the virtual music production controllers (MPCs) and it’s possible you might have something to get you through Friday with a smile on your face and your head bobbing.

You’ll recognise the telltale samples of Flat Beat on the first one and it’s your job to try to recreate the club classic, or make your own masterpiece if you choose.

Hours of fun, but we reckon headphones are a must. Unless you have some very understanding co-workers.