Bike porn alert!

At you’re going to see some of the most extraordinary road and triathlon bikes imaginable.

They are things of rare and exquisite beauty, and they are all custom-built, all carbon and seriously sexy.

These are not just personalised, not just customised to your taste, but actually built for you, and only you. Think of it like a Savile Row suit that you ride. Very, very fast.

The story behind the company is also an extraordinary one. The founder, Steve McCulley, spent most of his working life in the Royal Marines, until an improvised explosive device brought his military career, and his competitive cycling ambitions, to an abrupt and painful end.

But Steve didn’t give up. In between surgery and medical rehabilitation, and with support from the Royal Marines and organisations like Help for Heroes and Heropreneurs, he founded LIOS Bikes.

And we’ve never seen anything quite like them.