Why is Ryan Gosling so intrinsically funny?

He is young, good looking, talented and, by all accounts, a really nice bloke.

Okay, so he still won’t eat his cereal, but why do we laugh at him? We laugh because of things like heygirl.io, a little “bookmarklet” (we love that word) that will turn all the images on any given webpage into shots of Ryan Gosling. And we mean all the images.

He might be looking moody. He might be looking happy. He might be looking brooding. He might be looking like he's about to beat somebody up. He might have a beard. He might be wearing trendy glasses. It’s possible he might have his top off. He might even look like he’s about to eat his cereal (he won’t though - that meme is untouchable). So many looks...

It doesn’t really matter what he looks like, this is a fun way to brighten up anything you’re doing online this dreary Monday morning.