“Ooh, what’s that...?”

“It’s what’s left of Billy. Used a circular saw and some three-inch nails. What do you think?

“Brilliant, never worked before. Completely makes sense this way...”

Prepare for conversations like this if you spend any time at ikeahackers.net, where the Billy bookcase and the Pax wardrobe go under the knife, hammer and glue gun to be transformed into whole new entities.

Most people will have something from Ikea in their house somewhere. It could be a whole room full of stuff, or just the odd bookshelf. But there will come a time when you think about changing things around a bit, and it’s quite understandable to shove all the old stuff in a shed, send it to a charity shop, or even chuck it in a skip.

But here you’ll see loads of ideas for taking bog-standard bits of flatpack furniture and putting them to new and exciting uses.

This is perfect for anybody looking to update their homes without shelling out a load of cash and we reckon this could keep a few people busy this weekend.