At the risk of sounding oxymoronic, nostalgia is trendy. All things that were once considered cool and have been superseded time and time again, are now often,  ironically, cool again.

Take Here you’ll find all the old favourite Sega Mega Drive games to play, in full, online and for free.

It’s not that long ago (at least most of us here hope it’s not that long ago) when a collection like this would have cost you the earth.

Now you can simply choose your title and wait a few seconds to revel in the old-school wonders of early-Nineties gaming.

Titles such as Arnold Palmer Golf, Mortal Kombat and Super Airwolf are bringing classic gameplay to a new generation, and a few tears of nostalgia to our eyes.

The only grumble we have is that these are Flash-based games. It would have amused us no end to se all the hipsters playing these games on their iPads.