We’ve featured something like this before, but as that was a London-only thing, this one deserves a mention.

OK, so this is based in Hamburg, but the idea of creating your very own 3D mini figurine might be just enough motivation to get you on a plane. 

Using the very latest in 3D scanning, 3D printing and digital imaging techniques, twinkind.com can produce a small-scale, three-dimensional facsimile of you or whoever you can get to stand still for long enough, for a lot less than you might think.

These aren’t going to be everybody’s idea of a perfect gift, or nice addition to the mantelpiece, but we can’t think of a more accessible way to see some of the latest technology in action.

The other other reason we like this site is the way it’s built. It’s very “now” with it’s tablet-like navigation and clean layout. Lots of others are trying to do this, but this one nails it. 

And if you do go to Hamburg for this one, try the sausages. They’re epic.