Despite the fact that the biggest cultural event in Europe is taking place at the moment, the biggest news to be coming out of Edinburgh is that Tian Tian, the giant panda, may or may not be pregnant.

That’s right - may or may not. They don't know for sure. One of the signs is that she’s apparently a bit moody. Hardly surprising with a hundred camera lenses following you every minute of the day, but there you go.

But this does show just how fascinating and popular any stories about pandas prove to be. They’re enigmatic creatures, and always grab the headlines.

And if the black and white, bamboo-munching cuties are your thing, then you might like to keep an eye on Panda Live, a Chinese website that does nothing but show live streams of pandas. 

See them eat! See them sleep! See them eat some more! See them loll about a bit! Occasionally see them scratch themselves!

You get the picture...