The secret is out. And it something that has been a topic of heated debate for a lot of people since that spectacular spring day in 2011.

On 29 April that year, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. But all that was overshadowed (poor choice of word, probably) by a certain bridesmaid’s appearance.

Kate’s younger sister, Pippa, stole the show and since then there’s been little talk of anything other than her derrière.

And now, more than two years later, according to an article in Tatler magazine, the secret of her near-perfect form has been revealed: good underwear.

At you can get your hands on Pippa’s knickers. So to speak.

Joking aside, this is seriously gorgeous lingerie and we reckon their sales will be booming now that they’ve ‘fessed up to being, ahem, behind that now famous figure.

There are probably a few other factors, for sure, but buying some smalls from here will be a good place to start by the look of things.