“Hmm? Sorry, what did you say?”

“Well if you put your damn phone away you’d hear what I was saying…”

Sound familiar? I bet it does. We all do it and have it done to us. In a social situation, we pull out the smartphone and have a quick gander at Facebook, Twitter or whatever else it is that we think we absolutely have to check right at that instant.

Perhaps it’s that feeling that we’re out of the loop. There’s even a name for it now, with a catchy acronym: FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Or maybe we’re just bored of the company, but too polite to just get up and go somewhere else.

Either way, it’s pretty rude. To snub your friends to spend a bit more quality time with your phone is a thoroughly modern problem, but it’s one that some people are determined to stamp out.

At stopphubbing.com you’ll find out all about it and what you can do to prevent it. Oh, and you can name and shame your worst-offending chums too.

We love this site. It’s lighthearted but makes a valid point about modern manners.