At you will find an incredible story.

Tragically, it begins as a story that is all too common. A life changed forever in a split second. A single moment that has a profound effect on an entire family’s existence.

Pascale Honore was left paralysed after a car accident 18 years ago. As her two sons grew up and learnt to surf, she would sit in her wheelchair and watch them, in her own words, “mesmerised” by the ocean. But she also knew that she could never share the experience with her sons. Until Ty Swan, an accomplished surfer, had an idea.

With a cheap backpack, a roll of duct tape and a shedload of determination, they did something extraordinary.

This is an inspirational, life-affirming story that has been beautifully filmed thanks to the crowd-funding site you see here.

They hit their target a month ago, and here you can see Legless Summer, the brilliant film they made.