It's Friday. It's summer. You might be stuck in a sweltering office, shop or classroom staring out of a window at people enjoying an early start to their weekend. Look at them all. They almost seem to skip along their merry way don't they? Heading to a nice beer garden or alfresco cafe to meet friends, have a laugh and quaff cool, refreshing beverages.

It's not fair.

You need something to help you through the last few torturous hours of the week. Something to help take your mind off that spreadsheet, report or essay. Something that will fill your heart with joy and the essence of a bygone carefree age. And we reckon we've got just the thing.

Click the "unleash heaven" button at and all your troubles will disappear in an avalanche of only the finest power ballads, cheesy pop and grungy indie rock from the 1990s.

You owe it to yourself, you really do.