When did it all begin? When did companies turn around and say to themselves: “I know – let’s just call anybody and everybody and get them to buy our stuff…?”

Whenever it was, that's in my top ten of Moments In Time I’d Like To Go Back To So That I Could Have A Word.

Spam. It may not be the biggest problem facing our world, but it’s certainly a nuisance. These days it’s post, phone calls, emails, texts, even tweets and Facebook messages get a look in too. It’s relentless and it’s ultimately a waste of everybody’s time. In the worst cases, it can be intimidating or even financially ruinous.

And that’s why one consumer champion is trying to do something about it. At whi.ch/CallingT1me they’re collating examples and building a campaign to get nuisances calls and texts taken seriously by the Government, and for them to do something about our personal data and who gets to play with it.

It’s a great campaign, and one that deserves all the support it can get.