There’s a lot of talk about getting people on to the property ladder, with new government-backed schemes designed to help young people buy their own first homes.

All well and good, assuming those young people have jobs. And that’s the rub of the matter.

Finding any kind of paid work is hard for many, and starting a meaningful career, with some security or long-term prospects is almost a fanciful notion.

But it can be done, and at, they’re demystifying the jobs market and giving solid advice to young people just starting out in professional life.

There are features written by those who’ve been there and done that, as well as listings of current opportunities.

The best bit is the web tool kit, with lots of useful stuff to get people started on the road to what they really want to be doing. This even includes a step-by-step guide on how to code your own basic HTML.

Now that is useful.