Here’s a number for you: 3,200. That’s how many tigers there are left in the wild. In total...

That’s astonishing, isn’t it? One of the most mythical and beautiful creatures is literally on the edge of existence. And it’s all our fault.

We’ve hunted them, persecuted them, taken away their habitats and taken away their food supplies. We have pushed them to the brink of extinction and somehow this isn’t international news.

But there are quite a few people who are trying their best to change that.

If you buy Whiskas cat food at the moment, you can share pictures of your "little tiger" and pledge your support. You can adopt a tiger through the World Wide Fund for Nature, and here at you can show your support by signing up and telling your friends about it. We’re focusing on this last one because it might not be one you’ve heard of.

The David Shepard Wildlife Foundation was set up by the renowned painter to highlight the perilous sate of some of this little planet's most celebrated creatures. His artwork (you’ve almost certainly seen it) has helped to raise awareness, but this site is aiming to take the message to the social media masses.

So sign up today, and show your support for a big cat facing a very big problem.