We’ve featured BBC sites a fair few times, and we offer no apology for doing so again today. This is because the Great British Budget Menu is well worth talking about.

It’s the online presence for a show that was broadcast on BBC1 last week (annoyingly, it’s not on iPlayer any more), which focused on cooking good, healthy meals on a budget.

How often have you watched a cookery programme, or read through a recipe book, and seen all manner of exotic ingredients being tossed around willy-nilly? Quite often, probably. But who can afford sea salt, vintage balsamic vinegar or fresh pomegranate every time? Not everybody, that’s who.

So anything that shows you how to cook great meals without breaking the bank has got to be a good thing.

The best bit about these recipes is they come from lots of different top chefs too. So you’re given a real choice of styles and influences to satisfy your culinary cravings, but on the cheap.