Smartphones and tablets are chock-full of sensors, cameras and other technology to help improve our daily lives, but specialised toilets in Singapore have taken things to another level and can actually save lives.

Singapore police arrested over 2,600 motorists for drink driving in 2011. With such a high statistic, Zouk, one of the oldest and hottest nightclubs in Singapore, wanted to make a positive difference.

So it has collaborated with marketing agency DDB Group to create the "pee analyser". The pee analyser is exactly what it sounds like: a urine-testing toilet that can detect when club patrons have had too much to drink.

How does it work? If you were to visit Zouk's nightclub, you would hand over your keys to a valet. The valet would then give you a radio frequency identification device tag  (RFID)that doubles as a parking stub. From there, you can go inside and party to your heart's content.

Later, when you've had a few drinks and go relieve yourself, there's a urinal equipped with a device that examines urine for alcohol levels. If you are above the legal limit, a warning message appears above the toilet. 

But that's not all: when leaving the club, valets can detect drunk drivers via their RFID tags set off by the urine-analysing toilets. They will then ask patrons to take a taxi or use Zouk's drive you home system.

DDB Group says its urine-analysing toilets spotted 573 drunk drivers in just two weeks, and 342 of them decided to leave their cars at Zouk's nightclub. Pretty cool. 

Check out the video and gallery below for a closer look at Singapore's high-tech johns.

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