If you’re the kind of person who actually stops to look at those movie posters on subway walls and bus shelters, you might have noticed a new name cropping up on the bits where they plaster the words “terrific” or “spectacular” and then give a star rating out of five.

That name is bleedingcool.com, and it’s appearing more these days because so many of the big blockbuster release are movies very much from their area of expertise, so their opinion counts.

You won’t go long before another comic book adaptation, or sci-fi reimagining comes along, and this is where Bleeding Cool are in their element.

Specialists in the comic, science fiction and fantasy genres, this is where you need to come if you want to find out what people are really thinking about the new Star Wars trilogy, or the latest incarnation of the Star Trek series.

This might be niche, but it’s a niche that’s hitting a wider market week in, week out as the studios cash in on the rekindled appetite for all things escapist.