Two words that will probably even now still provoke a certain amount of sniggering among the chattering classes: Olympic legacy.

London 2012 was supposed to reignite this green and pleasant land with the fire of unrivalled sporting glory, and if you look at our recent run of successes – the Lions, Andy Murray, Chris Froome et al – you’d think everything was peachy.

But it’s not.

Grass-roots sport is still in a poorly state and the Olympics don’t really seem to have had the desired effect at that level.

So, while everything is rosy at the moment and the back pages are filled with our nation’s sporting heroes straining under the weight of yet more silverware, without organisations like it’s likely that we won’t see that in a few years' time.

Sported offers support to grass-roots and community sports projects around the UK, and is campaigning hard to make sure the glory days of the summer of 2012 don’t get forgotten too soon. You can donate through this site, or find other ways you can lend your support, no matter where you live.