There are literally millions of ways for you to entertain your eyeballs online, aren’t there?

There are the big name institutions, full of countless uploads-per-minute stats and the toxic trolling of mindless idiots.  Then there are those that cater for the more, ahem, exotic tastes. Or so I’m told.

But there are some more discerning, almost niche collectors of sensory treats and is one we’ve found to be a cut above many of the others.

Here you’ll find an eclectic array of multimedia content that they’ve stumbled on, been sent, or  made themselves, and it covers a wide gamut of topics, from design to culture and from technology to data visualisation.

It’s a site that’s based in California, and that shows in its choice of material and easygoing, approachable style.

This is a new firm favourite around here, and the weekly email is a great way to stay in touch with the more useful eye candy on the web.