There’s a good reason that pet dogs are often called man’s best friend. They become a big part of many people’s families and looking after them can be an enjoyable part of daily life.

And when the sun shines, there’s nothing nicer than a long walk to make the most of the good weather. But when the sun really shines, it can be very uncomfortable and extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends. The dangers of leaving them in locked cars are well known, but many dogs find the really hot weather unbearable – you trying doing anything in 30C heat while wearing a fur coat.

But there are things you can do to keep your pooch protected, and at you find some of the cooler ones. There are chilled jackets, and toys and summer essentials to keep your canine companion entertained but safe while the summer months make long walks a little impractical.

If your dog could shop online, this is where he'd come.