A Japanese scooter manufacturer is to launch a new model which features a dedicated iPhone connection and dock, turning your mobile phone into a data read-out for the bike.

Called the A4000i, the electric scooter uses the iPhone's data connection to gather things like location data, mileage and battery performance. The lithium cell included with the bike can manage 50,000km.

"Using smartphone connection and data collected from each electric scooter, Terra Motors intends to deliver new services with big data in medium to long-term," the company says.

"The most valuable data is location information. By collecting and analysing the location of users, new services such as personalised advertisement will be possible."

Terra hasn't mentioned any plans to launch the scooter abroad, but does have pricing for the bike in the Asian market. Priced in at 450,000 yen, or roughly £3,000, the bike could mean a lot for mapping and transport in markets traditionally not given the same treatment as the US and Europe.

China manages sales of 30,000,000 electric bikes a year, most of which are plagued by repair issues and supply problems, according to Terra. It hopes this bike will change all that. The company hopes to deliver 100,000 units by the end of 2015 and to get itself into the same position as Tesla is currently with electric cars.

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