Muesli? Yuk. Despite the best efforts of Alpen over the years, the idea of muesli for breakfast isn’t always an appealing one. The stuff you buy can be a gruelling mix of desiccated fruit and flakes of what once were healthy grains. And kids won’t go near it.

A better option has always been to make your own. That way you get all the good stuff and can sneak in a few choice ingredients that turn your breakfast  from a trial to a treat and something even the little ‘uns might try. But who has time for that these days?

Enter Here you can choose from a dizzying array of muesli mixes that will please any palate. You choose your ingredients and add them to your bespoke mix and then just sit back and wait for your personalised breakfast to wing its way to you.

This takes all the juggling of jars and measuring of oats, flakes and other messy things out of the equation, and the results really are a giant leap from anything you’ll find on your supermarket’s shelves.