TalkTalk wants to tempt customers towards its new TV packages with quite an impressive offer. Called The Big Free, it let's those who sign up to Talk Talk, as well as current customers, have three-months of free television and a YouView box to watch it all on, plus phone and broadband .

TalkTalk will also throw in what it calls the TV Starter Boost, which includes things like Sky 1 and Sky Sports News. Normally £5 a month, it's now free for three months. TalkTalk says that the offer should save customers around £46, or £114 compared to BT's offering. After the three-month period, expect to pay £15.50 a month with a line rental of £14.95. The Starter TV Boost, which adds Sky's basic channels, will cost an extra £5 after the initial three months.

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Internet offers unlimited downloads, with free calls to UK landlines also included. Other TV Boosts are available, including those aimed at kids, which adds channels like Nick Jr and Disney. There is also a Sky Movies and Sky Sports pack. If that isn't enough content to choose from, you can always rent a film from the Lovefilm box office included with YouView boxes.

It's quite an offering from TalkTalk, which has clearly gone for the jugular when it comes to pricing. Sky and BT are currently battling it out over sports coverage, both offering some form of free access to channels in order to gain customers. Sky will be making Sky Sports free for the first day of the Premier League, with BT Sport being thrown in free for those who sign up to BT Infinity.

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