There's a lot to be said for politicians. They're either tireless servants of the public interest, or money-grabbing corrupt narcissists who care little for the trust and responsibility they've been given. There's rarely any middle ground in most people's minds either. Harsh, perhaps, but is it fair?
There has been a lot written about the proposed inflation-busting pay rise that UK MPs are being "forced" to accept, and a recent bit of research by Channel 4 Factcheck (a brilliant Twitter account to follow if you're into the numbers behind the news on any subject) compared the pay of our MPs with others around the world. And depending on how you look at it, they don't seem to be as we'll rewarded as others.
But they can make money from other sources, and this is something that Ed Milliband, the Leader of the Opposition has this morning announced he will set out to tackle. He want limits to how much politicians can make from other jobs.
And then there's the money that comes in as donations to help their campaigns and day-to-day activities. Never has this money been under more scrutiny than with the Conservative Party back in power. But what sort of money are we talking about here?
At, you can find out exactly how much Tory politicians get in donations from big business and rich individuals.
If you think this might be a factor in some of the decisions that are made in Westminster, it makes interesting reading.