Nissan is to implement special quick-charging stations in dealerships for its Leaf electric car. The stations, which will be in the US only for the time being, allow you an 80 per cent battery recharge in just half an hour.

Tesla implements a similar network for its Model S electric car in California. Using quick-charging stations allows you to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back without having to wait long periods to get more electricity into the car.

Nissan will do the same with the Leaf, the company's current flagship electric-only car. More than 124 quick-charge points will go into dealerships across the US and should be in action by April 2014. There's no word yet on whether Nissan will implement a similar system for the Leaf in the UK, but it's entirely possible.

Tesla recently demoed the Model S's ability to swap batteries faster than you can refuel a normal petrol car. The company has seen a surge of interest in its Model S and a gradually rising stock price. Nissan however, which alongside Toyota has  pioneered electric cars, is now playing catch-up.

Trials for the Nissan quick re-charge stations in the US saw such success that the company quickly made the decision to implement them proper in a large number of dealerships. The plan for Nissan is to have quick-chargers in "21 key markets", so fingers crossed that includes the UK, as it would make the Leaf a much more exciting concept.

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