Pictures of the long-rumoured Nokia Windows 8 tablet have appeared online. The images show the Lumia Tablet's design to be similar to that of Lumia smartphones, alongside a fairly predictable set of specifications.

If rumours are to true, the tablet will be running a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor at 1.3 GHz, feature a 10.1-inch screen and use Windows RT. Also included are a micro SIM slot, 2GB of RAM and a HDMI out port.

Rumours of a Nokia Lumia tablet have been circulating for quite some time. The device was all but confirmed back in March 2012 by Nokia's Marko Ahtisarri, when the design chief mentioned the device to a Finnish magazine.

Since then rumours have switched between Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices as well as an increasing number of design renders. The pictures of the tablet show what could be final design, with a matte black finish and a set of rounded edges not unlike Lumia smartphones.

Nokia has been subject to plenty of leaks of late, with its flagship smartphone having images posted from its camera posted on a Nokia exec's Flickr account. The phone itself has also had press pictures posted on the internet.

Exact details of the Nokia tablet have not been confirmed, but the company clearly has something planned. Nokia is  obviously treading carefully as it works to rebuild its smartphone business. Entering into the world of tablets is even tougher, so expect Nokia to take its time.

Hunter Skipworth

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