We’ve often spoken about how all these digital pictures we keep generating have been the undoing of the printed photograph, but things are not all lost.

Retro has been the buzzword in tech circles for a while now, and people are harking back to days gone by because they like the way things looked back then. Take Instagram, a platform that has taken a few Photoshop filters and become a billion-dollar business. It’s now so ubiquitous that people are starting to hashtag their images with the words “no filter” to prove that it’s them that’s done the creative work, not a bit of software on their smartphone.

It’s huge but still leaves you with no physical output. One great way to bring those digital images into the real world is stickygram.com. Here you can plug in your Instagram account and make your pictures into cool fridge magnets.

And there’s not much more retro than that combination.