Samsung literally takes a bite out of Apple in odd Galaxy S4 advert

Everyone knows that Samsung enjoys mocking Apple in its product commercials, but the company's latest advert from Iceland has taken the metaphorical digs to another level. 

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The commercial shows a 20-something man in various locations throughout a mountainous terrain as he tries to place calls, send texts and use a red apple as if it were an actual handset. The apple in the commercial clearly stands for Apple's iPhone.

After numerous failed attempts, the man switches to a Samsung Galaxy S4 and successfully manages to use the device with a smile on his face. The man quickly becomes so happy with the S4 that he suddenly begins to break dance with four masked ninjas in front of a goat.

Finally, 45 seconds in, the man takes a bite of the red apple with a Galaxy S4 pressed to his ear. No lie. Check out the entire commercial below for yourself.