Surely one of the most used, and most useful things about the rise of the smartphone and tablet in recent years is their ability to deliver digital mapping solutions. Satnavs are being replaced by devices that can do so much more, and almost everybody now has the world at their fingertips.

But pinpointing places on any map still requires a certain amount of skill. Usually, this means you need to recall an address, postal code, or even GPS coordinates. But now, you can even make that easier.

With, you can create a unique, easy to remember combination of any three dictionary words to represent any point on a map. There are numerous advantages for this. Mainly, it means you can create familiar phrases to mark the places most important to you. But, if you think about it, that means you can stop people finding out where you live or work, should your phone or tablet go missing.

Most satnav systems have a "home" setting, which in the wrong hands gives away more information than most people are comfortable with. Using this site, not many people will figure out that you live at hard.boiled.egg or something equally nondescript.

The combinations can be used through the app or shared for use in any browser, and if three words is still a bit cumbersome for you, you can even buy single word markers too.

We like this. It makes something that's become easy even easier.