Ever wish you could be in two places at once? It would be awesome, wouldn't it? Although, logistically, it would present a few challenges. Two of everything. Two lots of car insurance, two dry cleaning bills, two mobile phone contracts. And who would get control of the Facebook page? Wouldn’t be long before you were suing yourself for custody of a Twitter handle. Nightmare.

But, what if you could create a mini version of yourself? Just for fun. Or as a really unusual, if a little weird, gift for somebody special?

Well, now you can at levavo.com/my3dtwin, where you can take advantage of the latest 3D printing technology to create your very own mini-me figure.

Choose from three sizes (with matching prices) and then book your appointment at their London studio (it’s London only at the moment, sorry).

The results are nothing short of extraordinary though. You can forget your typical action figure “likenesses” - these things really do look like their owners. We're going to gloss over guessing the real reasons anyone might want one of these and just say it’s a brilliant commercial use of the latest in printing tech. Yes, that’ll do.